Hello everyone, new member and first time owner


Hello everyone new member from Aberdeen in scotland. Bought a very nice non turbo model. Can I ask 1 question did the naturally aspirated models come with awd and aws ? Its a manel 1994 model ?


Hi there.
Welcome to the club. Yes the na did come with awd, all jap market imports have it and there are two chassis codes, Z16a with rws, Z15a non rws. You will see your chassis no on the bulkhead by the wiper motor.
Good luck with your car.


Thanks mate that’s brilliant always wanted one collect it the 5th January after my trip offshore and it’s advertised as aws and awd but you know what sellers are like thanks for the knowhow and also do you know whatbthe stock internals on these non turbo blocks can reach safely ? They are different compression ratings from the th model aren’t they.



Hi Marty Welcome to GTOUK nice looking car, not sure about Your second question but we have lots of knowledgeable members that can answer this and more also plenty of technical info and data in the forum . Few of us up here in Scotland too ! Cheers


Thanks lads hope you all had a great Christmas by the way I am just finished work offshore so will flick through the page now more than likely the topic has been covered is there much meets with the group’s etc ? Would be great to meet some lads and see there motors also learn a bit more about them.



Couple of events coming up at Knockhill Events to look at for 2019 and BVAC at Lauder https://bvac.org.uk/p/bvac-classic for 2019 Also we’ll try to have a couple of get together GTO members meets up here!


Hi and welcome to GTOUK
We are working on next year’s events list at the moment.
There is a list of possibilities, Spiros has added the link.
A couple have been arranged already. You can find them in future events.