Hello from dixie doyle

after a very very long wait finaly at 4pm this afternoon little dixie joined the boo family mum n daughter doing well. dixie weighed 9lbs :shock: kai and alex are over the moon and so are we

how beautiful is she :smiley:

Congrats guys

Good to hear Kai and Dixie are doing fine and i bet Alex is over the moon 8)


Craig :slight_smile:


Congratulations boo :wink:

What a cutie. Congratulations! Does she cry with a British accent? :lol:

congrats mate soo cute

Congratulations boo, to you & all your family :smiley:


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Congratulations Boo!! :slight_smile:

what a cutie, nice one. :smiley:

Many congratulations :smiley:


Ahhhhhh, i remember those days. Well done and congratulations Boo man.
P.S Is that babby taller than you LOL No Offence Bro ?
Si :smiley: :smiley:

From now on boo will have to set an example as he now has someone that will look up at him

Just kidding… excuse the pun :wink: :lol:

Congratulations to you all.

Kai & Alex must be over the moon, Dixie is a real cutie, well done.

Tracie & Steve

Congratulations and best wishes to all. :slight_smile:

thank you all for your kind words . ive been working so many hrs i havent been able to get over to see little dixie now kai is out of hospital . tani on the other hand seen her loads :cry: its strange our little girl now all grown up with her own family dont seem so long since kai was like dixie . now she is all settled down with 2 kids . where does the time go :shock: