Hello from Poland


I’m Martin and I’m from Poland.
I have JDM GTO non-turbo mk2 converted from RHD to LHD.
Hope I’ll find (and maybe meet one day) here helpful people, because there in Poland GTO is ultra rare car and I have some problems with parts, etc. There are only 3000GT VR4 and SL…

Cheers 8)

Hi Martin GTOUK 8)

interested in your conversion from r/h to l/h , did you do it yourself or did a garage do it for you ? if you had build pictures that would be interesting to see

Craig :slight_smile:

Nope, sadly I didn’t do that.
I’m second owner in PL and I didn’t do the conversion.
The car was imported from Japan to the UK and then from the UK to Poland by previous owner who lived and worked there. It’s unable to register RHD car in Poland so he did the conversion.

He used parts from US 3000GT SL and headlights from EURO 3000GT. The conversion isn’t perfect and I have to fix a few things but they aren’t major problems, more like cosmetic. For example: RHD seats, I have to open fuel cover and boot on the right side of the car and I still have RHD doors and mirrors. It’s difficult to find parts to GTO/3000GT here in Poland (especially LHD - most of cars imported for parts are GTO VR4) but a few days ago I bought right door and mirror from LHD american version.

btw. maybe you can help me with that:
http://www.gtouk.org.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=3727483#3727483 8)

Welcome to the club,

Hello :slight_smile: :smiley:

SL non turbo chassis number starts z15a
VR4 turbo z16a

both SL and VR4 are the American name for the car

The Japanese was SR non turbo