Hello from the USA

Hello from Dave in the USA. I have been messing with these cars now for about six yrs in the states. I live in Indiana. I have redone approx 50-60 stealths/3000gts so far. My trade is an aircraft mechanic and my specialty is avionics/electronics. I have have two Stealth Twin Turbos and Two 3000gt Twin Turbo cars right now. I was led here from a link on one of our sites 3si.org so I thought I would check your site out. One thing we don’t have alot of over here is right hand drive cars so yours have always interested me. I have a ton of parts off of these cars and when I disassemble I do it nut by nut bolt by bolt and I only trash ones that have been wrecked beyond repair.


Hi Dave and welcome to GTOUK !

Hi Dave, it’s nice to hear someone who only trashes cars when they are already wrecked instead of “just for profit”.

Make yourself at home, we are a nice group of like minded people keeping these awesome cars on the road.


Welcome along to the club :slight_smile:
Got any pics of the 2 current cats? :slight_smile: we are pic hungry lol

Where do you find the time to do that many?!

Hi and welcome to GTOUK

Always good to hear from fellow enthusiasts who keep these cars on the road , would love to see some pictures of your cars , finished and work in progress


Craig :grinning:

Hi Welcome aboard, nice to see international interest in our club. Certainly would be good to get some pics up buddy. We are a friendly bunch of chaps and chapesses :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

Welcome to the club. I’ve had a few parts shipped over from the US for my car, as some parts are getting harder to get over here.