Hello newbie here

Hi My names alan and i have finally baged myself a twin turbo gto. Shes by far perfect but here for help on this journey. Absolutely love these.



Congratulations, nice looking motor, I like a black mk1.

Thanks mate. Thats the good side lol. Getting a respray monday.

Welcome to this amazing Club. We will do our best to help and advise you where we can. I’ve owned my late '92 NA since 2005, and I’m still learning. Well done sir…that does look nice, even if the driver’s side might not be so photogenic.
Mk 1 as well…good man!
Happy motoring,


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Thanks mike

Welcome along @Bigal Mk1’s are the best, prejudiced by the fact that I have one too.
@spiros is up your neck of the woods.
Hope to see you one day.

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi @Bigal

Welcome to the club, we are very friendly and fun :slight_smile:

Car looks good mate any question all ways post and someone will help you :slight_smile:

Thanks mate. Same