Hello out there

Hi john glasgow owner 3000gt 1998 blue tt Had car three years on going mission. Just to say thanks to Evil rob god send.

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Hi fella

Quite a few of you up that way now :grinning:

Another blue one lol , where have they all come from , I remember going to meets there used to be 2 @3000gt car and my Fuji blue one

Blue it’s the new red :sunglasses:

Craig :grinning:

Yes another one saved from death been a fun experience. Bringing it back from near death lost count of money spent but hey that’s part of the gt experience. Renewed so many parts rob been great help. As up here no one knows about them but finally got decent garage.

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Hi Morf
Keep up the good work, worth saving these cars they can only gain value.
How about some photos.

The guys on this are photo mad I’m telling you

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Lol know photo mad will def get some up when can figure out how lol. Me from the non technology mid fifties gen. :relaxed:

Welcome to the nut house 🖒
Pictures :smiley:

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Will try take pictures thursday dark up here early lol. Some of you might remember car reg is R824gwc . Got her of eBay 3 half years ago yes made mistake . Off just jumping in at deep end and not checking site for info before hand.But hey finally getting there. Every thing replaced lol just wish people had learned where to put trolley jacks you will know what I mean.:angry:

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Did he say BLUE ? something is not right here , conspiracy :fearful:


Hi John Welcome to the club , I’m in Glasgow ( South ) also. I’ve added You to the list if it’s Ok

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Great to know other fellow 3000owner glasgow wrong side of city need to be westend lol​:smiley:. Need to catch up one day need all help I can get only joking been roller coaster of fun. And of course the why me days lol.:joy:

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Ps of course blue wanted it to stay same colour not that pink sorry meant red.:laughing:

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Hey welcome along.
How’s those pictures coming on?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Someone say pink lol

Will take pictures thursday hope figure out how to put them up. Well being blue will look great any way😉.

The fastest also :grin:

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Dead easy to upload .
From PC literally drag and drop.
Or by phone click upload in the bottom right corner :slight_smile: :arrow_lower_right:



Looks nice, (I fixed the image code on your first picture post so deleted the extra message with it in :wink: )

Thanks will get there with it eventually lol.:laughing: