Hello! The Search Begins


Hi to one and all! I am completely new to the GTO and have just begun my search.

I’m eager to get hold of one but know it can be a good old waiting game to get hold of the right car, especially when they are as rare as these!

I’d like to spend around 6k, if anyone knows of any good ones out there or anyone thinking of selling please let me know!



Best place to start looking is usually auto trader. There is a spotless mk1 also on gumtree that’s up for 8k :flushed:

I’d also recommend paying the £20 to become a full member and check out the buyers guide and technical section of the forum :slight_smile:


Don’t tempt me :disappointed:


If you buy Colin’s you would have 4K left to spend on toys for it :joy:

Good luck in your search , do your homework and don’t jump straight in , a good one will put a huge grin on your face , a bad one will make you cry


Haha, thanks guys. There’s a red one near me at Motorhub in Keighley up for 6k. May be worth popping over for a look.


Motorhub have a seemingly endless list of terrible comments from customers/potential clients…so in my opinion…be very wary. Please do your research on them before you part with your hard earned money.



Looks like it used to trade as keighly trade centre , I remember their imports many years back , the majority were rough and they didn’t have a good rep


Ahhh! Thanks guys. Yes I remember Keighley Trade Center, I’d been to view a car there years ago and walked away.
I think you have confirmed my reservations with the place.


Welcoming again to GTOUK I hope you find a good example soon :+1:



l bought two cars from motorhub and they are ok, l know they do not have a great reputation but l know what l am looking for and you have got to look at the car and decide on its merits, regardless of who is selling it.
l have looked at the red car, they had a blue mk1 as well not viewed, it looked ok from the top and interior but l would say that it could do with a fair bit of work underbodywise ie surface derusting, treating and undersealing, l did not start it as it was not the car l was interested in.
Price was not way over the top but l would bargain with them as they have had it for a while now.
I buy as seen, and make as sure as l can that the car is ok, still a bit of a risk l suppose.
M/h are dealing in cars well into 6 figures, then l do think you need a report, but the ones at our level are less of a risk, l think they will pick up cheap auction cars from japan mainly, but the red car has been in the uk and was a trade in.
Some of the cleanest cars will come from Japan but wherever my first concern regardless is the level of underbody rust and what it will take to clean and treat.
Good luck and welcome to Gtouk.


@jerry_SC thank you for you comment and heads up. I guess if it’s just a case of cleaning up surface rust and undersealing it can be dealt with.


All l say is, if this car strikes you as the one, have a real good look, make sure how it drives all normal engine, driveline, susp etc etc checks, all electrics working and then get underneath the car particularly around the rear under the antenna, on the other side of the car, the rear of the sills and jounts of the floorpan to bulkheads.
It will be a tight squeeze with the car on the floor, maybe take some photos and have a good think.
They will probably let you get on with it in your own time, did me.
Bargain as hard as you can but they are quite tough on thier pricing as they see themselves as not overpricing, you can mentiom me (l got two cars from them) maybe this will help your viewing.
l would happily buy another car from them subject to my own appraisal.
Good luck


Thank you @jerry_SC that’s much appreciated. Best way to play it will be to appraise, make an offer and if no deal walk away, hopping the phone rings! :smile: