Hello to all. Another newbie


This car is going to be a running resto I reckon so I’ll finish here and start a proper thread in the appropriate place.
Just wanted you guys to see what I’m up against.
1 or both of the head gaskets are leaking, took a video of the coolant bubbling that I’d like to show you. How do I do that?


Videos can be added to you tube then linked to the forum @sam1



here is a link to my vid. I think its an obvious one.


Welcome to the club mate keep the pics coming


I’m also new mate like you and looking forward to meeting members at shows etc :+1:t2:


I’m unable to view the link Sam. Not sure if anyone else can either?


Same Jenson says unavailable


I think I’ve fixed it, look again please guys (its riveting) :thinking:!

Its had 9 views though… font know who that was.


Looks ■■■■■■ filthy, could do with a flush to start with


That looks like the head gasket to me is blowing the gasses through the head gasket into the coolant.


Buy a cheap sniff tester about £20 of ebay will tell you if head gasket gone


Pretty grim I know, Im certain theres a gasket issue.
I’ll give the cooling system a full flush on Wednesday and then off with the heads I think.
Especially now with the intermittent missing.
Looking forward to getting the spanners out again. It’s been a while, oh and a project thread to start.