Hello to all. Another newbie


Good evening, I’d like to say hello and introduce myself.
My name is sam and I’ve just bought a 1990 n/a auto.
It’s been a while since I’ve been around car enthusiasts, I used to enjoy the BMW 7 series owners and Sierra Cosworth owners.
I lost my workshop and storage so my cars went and I sort of left cars alone but now finding some free time and work having a really nice shed, I decided to get my petrol head on aunt Sally and that’s why I’m here.:blush:

Theres a lot to do to the car but it is a running project so I get to enjoy it whilst working on it. I’m looking forward to getting to know you guys and abusing your knowledge! :sweat_smile:


Hi and welcome to GTOUK

We love to see pictures so get some up of your car




Welcome to the best club by a long way. So much help and advice available. Like @CDMH said get some pictures up so we can see the beauty.



Will do.
Tomorrow when we have some winter light. I’ve been looking around and there are some proper cars about.
I may be running scared owning a non turbo, in the boggy black!:laughing::laughing:


Hi and welcome


Hi Sam
Welcome to GTOUK




Welcome on board, best 20 quid you can spend and good luck with your car.


Welcome Sam !


welcome to the club :slight_smile:




Thanks for the welcome.

Took this pic just now, but dark but ran out of time after cleaning. Dont know what happened to the bonnet but it’s gone all creamy, as has the N/S wing after washing… paint must be bad🤔


Jeez it need tyre slick!


Welcome @sam1, glad to see you’ve joined the fold. Saw the guy I roped into the club pass by where I work today, his is a black N/A too.

Terry :sunglasses:


Mark 1 in black, best colour IMO (slightly biased) :wink::wink:


Welcome buddy


Welcome… nothing wrong with a n/a still a ■■■■■■ good car :+1:


Hey sam :grin: yes Black mk1s are the best :grin:


Thanks again for the comments.
I put her up on a 2 post today and all in all it’s not 3 bad.
I desperately need a bottom rad hose. I bought 4 wheel bearings, 4 springs, 4 shocks and some exhaust hangers. I think that’s it.
The 4 wheel steer is intact and working which I’m very happy about. I’m excited about this 1.:blush::+1:


Got busy with the cleaning for the first time on this car. It took all day and 2 mop buckets of water.:confounded: she was a mess