Hello to everyone

Hi everyone
New member, ive owned my mk1 gto twin turbo 1991 , for a couple of years,
I need some help, i need to get some rear prake pads and possibly disks, but dont know the part number or a supplier, there seems to be different types, so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated


Hi @andrew11,

Welcome to GTOUK the best club going :joy:

I can see you’ve already posted a picture of your ride :+1:

As you may see we are an active club attending a number of shows throughout the year :+1:

Just as a comment we are a subscription members club and full membership (this opens up the full areas of the forum) can be purchased here:


I can help you with any bits you need on my website or call me on 01702-614469 office hours

Regards Rob

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Hi welcome
Ive only joined a couple of weeks ago too :blush:

Hi, is that your gto,

Hiya yep it is always wanted one, jus got it 10 weeks ago

Cool, im sure you are enjoying the ride,

I to drive all over the country, and work in the construction industry, im a hgv driver and deliver water tanks, small world

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Really! I work in the wastewater recycling,
Maybe you could supply to us, always looking for new suppliers :blush:

Andrew, welcome to the GTOUK fraternity if you are able to join as a member. You will be hard pressed to find a better Club, and Forum, for our cars. Where we can, we will always try and help with any concerns or queries you may have with your car.


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