Hi Rob?

I ordered a few bits online on Sunday night, and it said to phone you with payment details, but I only get the answer phone?

I’ve sent you a PM and left a message, but … :? :frowning: :frowning:

Is it the number on your site that I should ring? Or what? What am I supposed to do? I did an online shop, but can’t seem to pay you??? If you don’t want any money, that’s ok :wink: :wink: haha

What’s the deal mate? What am I supposed to do??

The order was Number 174 by the way…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Baz,

What time did you try to call me?..lol… was it at the time you placed the order…00.32am…lol

An explanation I think is required here for everybody who uses the Evil Empire website.

The reason that I ask people to call me with the details of their credit card is to enable us to supply the correct part for the model and year of the car, as quite often their are numerous variations of the same part for the GTO/3000GT.

For example there are the following.

4 Different Oil Pumps

3 Different Exhaust Tips

2 Different Throttle Position sensors

2 Different Front ARB Bushes even…

The list is very extensive and by asking you to call me I can always and will always ask for a VIN number for you car to make sure that you are supplied the correct part, if there are variations available.

This is the difference between us and other suppliers, we actually care about what you guys fit to your cars, to make sure it’s the correct part or the updated part every time.

Also if you are replacing something that needs additional parts, I can also let you know about this too during the same phone call.

Its all about personal service and trying to help you guys get the most out of what you are doing as a job with the car and to make the job easier to do too if possible.

I used to be able to be contacted until about 10pm 7 days a week…

This is now impossible due to the work load I now have and the amount of paperwork generated by the company and I would also like to be able to put my car back together at some point too………lol

We are now open from 9 am until 7pm Monday to Friday and from 10 am till 4pm on Saturday

We are closed all day Sunday.

If you get the answer phone during our opening hours, it means that I am already on a call and I will call you back if you leave a number and message.

I am not ignoring anyone or do I have my phone switched off, whilst I sunbath in my back garden.

We are mega busy and some times it takes a couple of attempts to get through to me, I know this can be frustrating, but changes are going in place soon to stop this problem.

The number to call me on is 07891-606913 if you want to order parts or get advice, a land line will be available very soon to cut the cost of calling us too.

Cheers Rob

I am not ignoring anyone or do I have my phone switched off, whilst I sunbath in my back garden.
Cheers Rob[/quote]

Please NOOOOOOOOO My eyes!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


I would offer my services as a senior lackey but sadly you are at the other end of the country! Btw - will you be having a stand at JAE? Or are you coming as a civilian?

[quote]Hi Baz,

What time did you try to call me?..lol… was it at the time you placed the order…00.32am…lol[/quote]

Haha! :slight_smile:

I thought that wouldn’t be the best time to phone mate so I phoned on Monday afternoon!! :slight_smile: I did leave a message, maybe you didn’t get it?

No worries Rob, so long as it actually went through and you know what I’m talking about mate!

I’ll try and phone again, and I and everyone else no doubt, is grateful for your very personal service!

I’ll give you another ring tomorrow, see if i can get through. Shouldn’t be too much sorting out to do, because it’s only bulbs and an oil cap I was after, so hopefully speak to you Thursday!

Cheers mate, all the best