Helo boys im back

Hi just renewed my membership after a 6 year break, My cars sat in my workshop and I went off Yacht racing my other passion in life. Lockdown occurred and I escape to my workshop and decide its time to put the car back on the road. and then finish put the engine back in the second car and possibly sell it on.

So Hi to all the members that have been on her for a while I originally joined in 2004 and to all the new members
Will post up some pictures soon.

Andy K


Welcome back Andy

Welcome back Andy

Point us in the direction of your build

Welcome back :+1:

Welcome back

Welcome back to Gtouk.

Welcome back

Terry :sunglasses:

welcome back :slight_smile: did you miss the nut house :thinking:

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Andy would have known it when it was a proper nut house :joy::crazy_face:


it had its moments back in the early days, also had some great times the one trip that stands out for me was the the run to Le-Mann 24 hour race over a dozen cars went.