Help with misfiring engine on twin turbo

I have Gto twin turbo H reg over the past few months i have had running issues with the engine, i have replaced the sprak plugs the leads and coils, i have cleaned and replaced the injectors the car ran very well for three days. would not start correctly then kept stalling and misfiring i investigated certain devices, i removed the connector relating to the air flow sensor the engine started and performed well but now no turbo is working, engine fault management light has appeared since removing the sensor, could you please advice me on how to fix and check this issue and if parts are required to resolve my issue.

Disconnected airflow sensor will never help a miss fire pall I’m afraid. A miss fire is usually a single cylinder it has to either be spark (check coil, plug ,or lead) fuel (on idle should be injector, It has to be but doubt I’m wrong but may well be because these cars are odd haha)check by disconnecting in turn or mechanical which needs deeper investigation (head off .camera down where the spark plugs go to check the pistons) like a valve or piston/ cylinder wall. I’m open to people correcting me on this but pretty sure that is a rock solid check list of checks

Check the PTU and the throttle body, the body sometimes gunks up, the PTU if faulty won’t let the car idle, check for faults from the OBD1 port.

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Definatetly suspect PTU

To check if it is coil pack and/or PTU related mis-fire is to unplug each lead on the coil pack and let the motor run. If it gets worse then that cylinder is fine, its the lead that gets pulled and nothing happens usually points out the culprit.

When I first started misfiring - I just replaced the PTU (with a nice amount of thermal paste) and coil pack just to be sure!

Glad you reminded me Anh, one of the jobs to do to my motor. Thermal paste that is :joy: :joy:

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