Help with wiring

Hi…newby here on site.
I have a 1992 tt and having issues getting it going.
Someone had messed about with ecu wires and when I removed the plugs to send off the ecu one wire and its connector came out of the lower plug black and yellow wire and I have no idea which vacant spot on the plug it goes to.
I think its top left on the plug ???
(bottom ) ecu plug loom.
Can someone please verify which spot that it goes into ie left of plug 4th spot etc.
Would much appreciate it maybe even a close up pic of the plug showing orientation as I have issues reading diagrams…dyslexic I guess.
I bought the car as a non starter it cranks sometimes barely starts for a few secs then dies.
Hence I have sent off the ecu to be checked out.
Not sure if I am posting this correctly if not could someone please try to get it to where it can be seen .
Many thanks.

Oh 1992 gto tt just to be clear…thx

Hi Gregory,

Welcome to the club :+1: first things first let’s see some pictures of your car - the guys here love to see the cars :grinning:

Regarding your issue- the yellow wire that is cut is sometimes done to remove the limiter on the car as in Japan they are all limited to 112 mph or something close to that.

Do the usual checks that you would with any car -check fuel pump is working. Check you have spark also check the engine is in time.

There is a workshop manual available via the club shop which can help with these issues.

Good luck :+1:


The wire I am talking about was not cut…
It came out of the connector itself…
I did not see where it came out from on the plug…
Ie the whole wire with the metal connector attached.
It is black with yellow stripe.
I will have to figure out how to post pics at some point.

This happened as I diss connected the plugs on ecu to remove it.

Gregory , I have moved your posts and started a new topic for you

Welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

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@gregory use this one to post in , will be easier for guys to help out with posts all in the same place

Ok…thank you…
Sorry in wrong area…

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No worries chap , we all remember what it was like first time we posted :+1:

Do you have a picture of the wire, if you grab 1 I will grab a picture of mine to show you and hopefully you can see where it’s ment to be

Not at the car right now…
And Im a bit crap on some sites navigating…ie how to put a picture on.
But I would welcome your pic as it would tell me where it goes.
Im guessing top left on the lower plug.

Bit confusing really as I have found a few bits of info on ecu plugs etc but the pin info does not say what colour the wires are …strange really.
And they put something that is mounted straight up and down sideways.?
Not showing the mounting tabs which would orientate it .???
At least it would for me as dyslexia comes to forefront on diagrams for me.

Here is how you do pictures:

Reply to a post as you have done before but in the lower left corner (if on a mobile)


Normally out of 66 from memory

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These are what mine look like, mines is a 93 mk1 with a mk2 engine but the ecu worked fine in a older mk1

This was the bottom plug facing towards the rear of the car, left side of the picture should be top of that plug

This is the same plug but the side facing the front this time right side of the picture is the top

This is the middle plug, left side is the top

This is the other side, right side is the top

This is the top plug, left side is top

This is the other side, right is top

This is my ecu, not sure if it will make a difference with the wiring, but yours might be the same

Hopefully this helps and solves your issue

Spot on mate.!!!
Thanks for responding.

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Nick halls old car i see!
Nice one

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Might be worth reading some or tarmac terrorists post , it was his car

Well spotted @gto_power1 :sunglasses:

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