Well i have sent my fees, & reached my 20 posts, now i can’t even READ the general forum, never mind post in it :?

Seems a bit strange, as a “pending” member, i have less rights than I did when I joined the forum last week ??

Strange :roll:

PM Simon (3000gt) with your name and user name. He will organise access to the forum and if you ask him nicely he’ll tell you your membership number. :slight_smile:

I have not had a form or cheque from you yet


Xmas postie must be working too hard then Simon, it was posted monday 1st class.

All this waiting is like watching paint dry … worse than trying to find a car :lol: :lol:

Yesterday? :shock:

It’s a little bit soon to be chasing for your membership :wink:.

lol :lol:

Oh how I don’t miss this :wave:

I haven’t received next year’s membership pack yet… :stir:

Seriously though 321john I suspect (hope?) you might mean Last Monday (3rd) :?:

No I have the envelope here I was only posted on the 10 Dec

so he has waited a whole day :oops:


Still - fast car, fast lane!! :smiley: :smiley:

oh dear me :roll:

I wasn’t “chasing membership”, just commenting that after 20 posts I was unable to READ the forum I had been allowed to post in.

Please tell me this isn’t a forum of “regulars” that jump on any new member when he dares to ask a question or make an observation.

I’m sure at some point I might be able to contribute some information, but I guess most were new here at some point.

You have my sympathy and understanding about the 20 post limit. It’s the first time I’ve been on any forum and encountered it.
But while it’s extremely frustrating it has its uses ( witness new user “EVOLAND” who made spurious posts today until his/her limit was reached).
I’m sure all members of the club will welcome you when your “official” access is granted.

thanks johnny :wink:

The point is, I wasn’t complaining :shock: Yes it’s frustrating & I guess most members have been through the “wait”, but with a newly aquired toy outside my front door that does need some odds & ends sorting, it frustrated me that I couldn’t even read what had been written in rpely to my first few posts.

I run a (trade) forum myself & I know what it’s like to have a newbie snapping at everyone, but I can’t see where my initial post was “chasing” anybody to do anytihng special for me.

Blimey, when they said GTO ownership was hard, I had no idea :lol: :lol:

This is a test to see if you’re made of the right stuff!! :shock:

Well, looking good so far… :wink:

Presumably I “passed” the initiation :lol:

cheers Simon, rapid response !!


And therefore a proper welcome to the club!

Forget the bumpy start - here’s to a long and happy membership :slight_smile:
I’m sure you’ll find that the vast majority of members are very knowledgeable, very helpful, very etc…

Cheers Johnny, from what I have seen there’s some brill peeps on here. Have had the pleasure of dealing with Sumiyaka a year or two ago with an ECU problem & they take some beating for customer service !


I’m sure you’ll find that the vast majority of members are very knowledgeable, very helpful, very etc…[/quote]

Oi - what do you think your doing? Running about saying we are helpfull! God’s sake - people will be wamt advice on things…! Now how do I make the thingy with the vroom-vroom doing that other thing but without it doing the whatsit? And whats an e…n…g…i…n…e? Do I need one? And why does my car have two hairdrier’s stuck on it? How do I turn them off?!

isn’t that the technical term for a money box ?