Hey all - new here! Looking for a 3000GT/GTO

hi guys, former mr2 turbo keeper here interested in joining the club and picking up a 3000gt/gto as a weekend car.

Looking around seems like there are a few knocking about but if anyone has any advice (read most stickies)

Or if you have a car for sale, ideally 95+ in good condition I’m all ears!

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Hi nick,

Welcome along and good luck with your search- there is a buyer’s guide that is useful when looking at various cars.

Also if you see a car you like post it up - it could be a former member or current members car :joy:


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thanks i appreciate that! I have just updated the titles, I hate auto correct! I’m 38, suffering a never ending midlife crisis etc

Looked at a few GTST’s, and other similar cars.

Would ideally prefer a UK car but will look at imports ideally less than 80k miles on the clock.

Yeh similar age to me :joy:

You will find the UK cars tend to cost more but have more service history. The GTOs tend to have less rust issues because they have spent part of their life in Japan - however this is not always the case.

Mileage is always a difficult one and is down to personal preference- a high miles car with a well Looked after and maintained engine is just as good if not better than a low miles neglected engine.


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I guess so, UK cars are also rarer… i get that.

These are my plans you can tell me if I’m being realistic:

340-350bhp ’ boost controller, FMIC, maybe FP/injectors? Maybe 13g/t turbos

Drop weight to 1550kg -1600kg
Remove AC , use the 3xs AC removal kit,
4ws delete (not necessary if I find an MR) 3xs kit
Remove rear seats/seatbelts
Replace seats with Evo 8 seats
Smaller battery
Ditch spare wheel/kit/material
Remove hatch pull out cover
Lightweight 17/18" wheels
Remove any bonnet insulation
Maybe coils…

Possibly a clutch…

I dont want a totally stripped out car, but I feel I can easily get away with the above without compromising comfort etc.

Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the club, good luck in your quest.

@Marty_K has done a lot on weight saving and recorded all his details as he has gone along , @gto_power1 has his quite stripped out too

Unfortunately these posts are in the members only sections ,

Yeah if I pick one up ASAP I’ll deffo be signing up!

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I am selling my 99 GT carbon interior with MK4 front end. It has a propane kit fitted that works.
Not sure I like the idea of having it gutted though. Would you not be better off with an mr?
Oh it is red☹

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Welcome to GTOUK good luck !

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Hi Geoff, i’m not stripping back to bricks thats for sure. But I dont think a couple of evo seats would be too sacrilegious:) I hope!

I dont think I’ve ever used AC in any car and rear wheel steer i think it gets mixed reactions, I know a lot of GTST owners use a hicas lockout bar for example.

Feel free to send me a link or the details though!

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It is not quite ready to sell yet. Another couple of weeks. Wheels need refurbishing, mot and some underseal needs touching up.
It has a good box so no gear change problems. Forged poultier rods, pistons and crank. Bored out to 3.1. Stock turbos and inlet. Xenon head lights. Mk4 front end. Standard suspension and brakes. Uprated fuel pump and braided lines. Stainless Steel exhaust. EGT on both manifolds plus wide band after cat. Air con and four wheel steer all work. Has had both sub frames out for painting and underseal about 4 years ago. All the stock UK car extras like full leather, sun roof etc. Comes with all Mitsubishi service records from new. I had propane fitted around 2012 which we used when travelling around Europe in it. Increases the mpg value to about 40mpg. You can adjust the gas petrol mixture as much as you like so no need for larger injectors. I add about 20% petrol when on heavy boost running propane.
Not to put anyone off but four wheel steer makes it a joy to drive. And in Spain in June you need aircon even with the roof open! My MR was quite a bit lighter and had a different torque curve to the GT. I think this was down to the different ecu mapping the factory installed.

Sounds like you’ve got a nicely stroked car there!

Tried to go view one fairly locally on Saturday but the guy didn’t send me his address …

Almost bid on a high spec on ebay but bottled it lol! Lots if questions on any big buildi guess…

And out if curiosity, with these being old cars now would the following be a big no no on an mot if this had been fixed? Uk car

  • Offside Front Inner Integral body structure or chassis has excessive corrosion to the extent that overall security or stability of the body is impaired (6.2.2 (d) (ii))
  • Offside Front Integral body structure or chassis has excessive corrosion to the extent that overall security or stability of the body is impaired drivers floor (6.2.2 (d) (ii))
  • Offside Front Integral body structure or chassis has excessive corrosion to the extent that overall security or stability of the body is impaired inner sill (6.2.2 (d) (ii))
  • Offside Front Brake pipe leaking on a hydraulic braking system (1.1.11 (b) (ii))

By the way I’m still looking if there is anything out there …mk2 and above please!

There’s a red mk2 3000gt on fb Market Place.

Want a link ?

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I think I have seen it, when looking at the bonnet it looks out on alignmemt like its had a front ender. I asked the seller if it was just the bonnet adjusters , he said it was always like that since he got it and when quiet when I suggested he try to adjust the bonnet stops:(

But thats exactly what I’m looking for otherwise.