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Thank you @jensenrichardson. What oil do you use for your car?


I think the majority use Fuchs Titon 5W/50, not sure but I think its a fully synthetic oil. Try rob at Evil Empire or Opie Oils.

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Opie oils is cheaper on eBay even when we had the club discount also longer a club sponcer, so discount dosent apply now anyway.


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Tbh I can’t remember at the time I purchased all oils from opie.



I use 10/40 in my cars - what Mitsubishi used to put in them during a service. Be careful using thicker oils with the 1st gen lifters as they could clog and the engine become tappy



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Yeh halfrauds own 10/40 - top stuff.



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I use this… miles dependent and frequency of change… once a year is fine for my 1000 miles if I’m lucky

Euro car parts sign up and get emailed if loads of discounts… really cheap


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Just had a new egr valve delivered on that offer saved £96-20p :blush:


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