Hey, new GTO member

Hi there, I’m new to the forum and here is my 1st GTO that I wanted to share with you guys. It is a working project and sure you lot can help in many ways.

I have quite a few things on my to do list that I’m aware of so you guys might be able to help/ advice.

Has a intermittent water leak only seems to happen sometimes so initial thoughts are leak from hose.

Doest quite seem to boost as it should on full load. Can seem quite jerky when trying to put foot down. Similar thing happens on half load with it being jerky but better then full load. Possible MAF or something being clogged up??? Help and suggestions as to where to check/diagnose.

Steering seems to be a bit dodgy at times. Sometimes it will have a lot of play in the wheel especially when traveling at speed. Could be simple and be track rod ends but may possibly be steering rack as I hear these are very common.

Heater A/C screen shows red lines through it and then completely blank. Heater blowers when working seems to work fine on full blast but sometimes doesn’t do anything until you get to the last bleep. (If that makes sense). A/C doesn’t work. If any1 has spare screen to let me know.

Passenger window doesn’t work. Can’t hear any motor at all so possibly knackered or disconnected.

Rev counter not working, speedo seems fine. Help with this 1 guys.

Rear aero spoiler doesn’t go up was advised solenoid needs replacing. Front spoiler comes down as it should.

Sound from the speakers are rubbish. Even the Nissan Micra have better ones so will definitely need an upgrade.

Need some decent wheels once mechanicaly sound so any advice and help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Hi and welcome to GTOUK , cracked the first part of joining by getting pictures up :+1:

Had a quick scan through but in a rush this morning so will read through properly later , quick one for the window , check the window lock button isn’t pressed on the drivers side door Easily done and overlooked to think there is a bigger problem


Craig :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to GTOUK.

Looks a great project ibby, good luck, being on here will be of great value.


Hi and welcome to the club :family_man_woman_boy:
I would start by given a full service if it’s not done.
Spark plugs
New leads
Air filter
Fuel filter
New good oil something fully synthetic 5/50 10/50 etc
Oil filter
Change power steering fluid
I would also change gear oil with something like redline mt85 etc and transfer and also diff
If it’s not done or no previous history I would do a cambelt kit with new water pump etc.
I know this will sound a lot of cash and it is,but then you have good foundations to work on.
As for the Rev counter it could be the ptu.
Rear aero it could be micro switches which are common to go.
Ac screen you are going to shop around for one many people tried to repair on here with no success yet.
As for speakers I don’t know nothing as took all mine out much prefer the roar of that V6 and the dump valve whoosing away😀
Check all vacuum hoses that are in place and in good condition, may need to replace to be absolutely sure.
Don’t forget anything on these cars of this age 20+ years is going to perish and go brittle.
So on the jerky issue the full service it’s the start of solving the matter.

For the water leak you have to start it up maybe jack the car up aswell and grab a torch and route around until you spot it.
You’ve got the expansion bottle, thermostat housing, water pump (cambelt side),heater hoses,radiator hoses etc.
Hope this helps
More advise will come soon…
Jerry :grinning:

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Hi and welcome to GTOUK,

Had the same problem , You need a new Blower Resistor


Thanks for the warm welcome and advice so far. Il apologise for sounding dumb but what is a ptu? Where can I get hold of the new blower resistor? Jerry’s advice is spot on, I was planning on giving it a good service to start it of as only after I will find out what the boost issue is. Only happens mainly on full load, gentle acceleration and runs sweet. Will also need a new cambelt and water pump doing very soon and is on my to do list. On a proper tight budget so we shall see how that goes. Will keep everyone updated soon as.

P.'s it took me 2 days to work out how to post a picture up lol

Give Rob a call from evil empire performance, he’ll be able to source the OEM parts you need if they are still available.

Hesitation on boost, are there any mods you know relating to the turbo other than the blow off valve? If not, then it could be the spark plugs or ignition is misfiring under boost or there is a leak somewhere on the intercooler and inlet pipes.

No other mods that I’m aware of apart from blow of valve, any particular spark plugs u guys would recommend as well?

Spark plugs bcpr 7es ngk
Ptu is located under the coil pack a little black box with 2 plugs going in it which controls the spark and rev counter.
It also could be the issue of your hesitation under boost.
Jerry :grinning:

Welcome to the club and good luck with your car, come and meet us at JAE this weekend.

Would love to but due to work commitments will be unable to attend this weekend. Looking forward to next meet if can get work done on the car.

Hi and welcome to the club @ibby-GTO

Jerry’s is all good advice but only use these for testing the car as they will not last much more than 3500-4000 before the tips will be eroded and misfires occur


Welcome @ibby-GTO, all problems are fixable and you’ll get nothing but top advice.

Terry :sunglasses:

As for the blower resistor got one from a scrapy and MK2 car !

Welcome to the club :ok_hand:

Welcome to the club @ibby-GTO lots of great people on here to help if you need it.
Lovely looking motor​:+1::+1:

Welcome on board. Best of luck.

Hi thanks for the welcome. I have bought all my service parts which was a nightmare on its own. Would like to check what is recommended oil as 5/50 and 10/50 seems to be difficult to get and also most mainstream part places have recommended 5/30 fully synthetic? Your views would be helpful and also how do you tag someone from here in your reply?


Also any help in locating headlight fuse? Location and which fuse it is?

I also found this at Nippon autos in Derby if anyone needs any bits and bob’s.


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