HHH obd1 kit for sale


paid £70 for the catalog kit and not going to use it now so if anyone wants it you can have for £50


Ok how does this one work do I need anything else for it ?


Just a laptop. What year is your car? The cd has the software on and a set up guide


1992 mk1 tt


Can you download the software online as my Mac book don’t have a cd drive


Will work with your car. Ummm not 100% Dave might be able to help with that


You can switch it into usb


I have that same disc just no leads. What’s it for ?


It’s to get data logs from the car


Ok I’ll have it please


Where about a are you I’m in St Albans


I’m in nottingham so I’ll have to send. Might need a few ££ on top to post? What’s your address? Also you’ll need my paypal will pm


Pm your address


Reply sent