Hi all after some advice

(Wayne Kitching) #21

Thanks man did not realise how much I missed my car till now

(Jerry Gauci) #22

Hi there,
In my opinion unless your going above 700 bhp twins are the way less hassle you can get dr750 turbo and with supporting Mods it should see close to 700,however if your planning to hit over 700 bhp than I’d say yes single is the way mainly you can fit a huge turbo.twins you start to get limited on space then ok you could go td05,06 but then you need manifolds making anyway so single would be the best option over 700 bhp.
That’s my 2 pence.
Jerry :grinning:
Nice car too!


Back then it was an engine build with the following

Forged pistons
Rebuilt heads
13t turbos
550 injectors
Lightened flywheel
Lightened crank pulley
Arc side mount I/coolers
Blitz boost controller.

Once run in it went back to have a map ecu fitted with twin filters plus ignition timing control

Got her up to 468bhp and 454lb ft torque

(Wayne Kitching) #24

Would like to stay twin and hit about 700bhp :sunglasses::grin:

(Jerry Gauci) #25

This from dynamic racing website

DR750 turbos made 604 AWHP, and 611 AWTQ to the wheels on Matt M.'s totaly stock motor 95 Dodge Stealth with 80,000 miles on the motor, stock block, stock heads, stock cams. At 25psi of boost.

Eric M. also made 609 AWHP and 651 AWTQ on his Stock long block, but with adjustable cam gears, 91 Stealth RT TT at 25psi of boost on PUMP GAS, with these turbos. Eric’s car broke 400ft/lb of TQ at 3100rpm, and brakes 600ft/lb of TQ at 3900rpm! Those are Numbers a 500+ CID BIG block V8 would love to have, and this is from a 183 cid V6!

Ray P.'s DR750 powered 3000GT put down 707 awhp and 746 awtq running DR stage 3 heads and street cams and his car is even running stock Exhaust and side mount inter coolers for the ultimate and sleeper look. I feel sorry for the C7 Z06 or STR Hellcat owner that thinks he is going to be a easy mark!

Jeff Davis’s DR750 powered VR-4 put out 683 awhp and 647 awtq, good job Jeff!

Jerry :grinning:

(Anh Hoang) #26

You need race fuel or rely on methanol/water cooling to hit the numbers there!

(Sam202 ) #27

Prosport brand clocks are good, I use them myself. Whatever brand you choose I would recommend a 52mm fitting as they slot straight into place inside the dash if that is your intention.

Will also need a sandwhich plate to fit on top your oil filter to allow fitment of extra sensors.