Hi all after some advice

(Wayne Kitching) #1

Hi all I’m new to the forum in after putting in some new digital clocks possibly be no upgrade to an ECU and to Bigger turbos anyone got any advice where to get the clocks?

Ok was at a car meet last night and talking to some mates if I want to go all out what ya think 2 bigger turbos or one single was a big debate last night till the small hours

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(Alec Shewan) #2

have you seen these
he also knows loads about gto’s and might have some more bits you like :slight_smile:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #3

Hello Wayne welcome to GTOUK , whereabouts are You tell us a bit about yourself and some car pictures :wink: Cheers

(David Perkins) #4

Hi mate nice to see you post up, now pictures! :joy:
Can be daunting doing a first post after being here a while but I’m sure lot’s will help and advise along the way :+1:


(David Perkins) #5

Last seen just before BHS went bust…
I think he’s emigrated on his boat to Oz…

(Jensen Richardson) #6

Hi and welcome to GTOUK.
We all like to see pics of the car here :grin:

(Wayne Kitching) #7

Thanks man not so good with it all just found my love for cars again so seeing how mad I am going to go

(Wayne Kitching) #8

Hi mate just started to play with it but not sure yet how far I am going to go yet lol

(Wayne Kitching) #9

How do I put a profile pic on ?

(Wayne Kitching) #10

Hi fella from kent Gillingham I had a 3000 years ago pulled it apart to spray it lost the bug and scraped it was so gutted then this one come up at the right time and place now have a new love for it :grin:


Fuji blue :heart:️ Show me some proper pictures please mate , I had the 21st gto twin turbo that was built , that was Fuji blue

(David Perkins) #12

Looks like you’ve done it mate, sorry was off line drinking :joy:

(Wayne Kitching) #13

(David Perkins) #14

Nice mate let’s get to see it at a meet this year with GTOUK :heart:


Beautiful car

(A Stevenson) #16

Hi dude, welcome, I see your car has a history on the fourm.

If interested I am sure one of the following members can point you into that direction

Anyway welcome back. :+1:


Mine when I first got her back after the rebuild


(Spiros Kapadohas) #18

Wow Very rare color Craig :grin: :joy:

(Wayne Kitching) #19

Looks really nice what did you have done ?

(Jerry Castle) #20

Welcome to the club Wayne, keep the lurv :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: