Hi all first time gto owner

Just wanted to say hi. I purchased my first gto 2 days ago mk1 non turbo.
has a few minor issues but overall a nice tidy car. just paid for full membership so will hopefully find the parts i need on here. will post pic soon.

Hi Jensen,
Welcome aboard fella, you are in the right place. I own a late '92 NA, and have done for almost 10 years. Those parts you need can be probably sought from “GrahamAutoWorld”. They usually have a number of GTO’s being broken, and will no doubt have the ABS
pump and the stepper motor, although the latter might respond to a bit of de-gunking with carb cleaner. Rob, of “EvilEmpirePerformance” will be able to supply a new stepper motor should you have to go that way.
Good luck with it all,


Thank you for the info Mike.
I did try a clean up on stepper motor, but still not right so will look to replace.
And ill look on the site you suggested for air con pump, as bearings sound horrific on mine.
Thanks again for the advice, and the welcome.