Hi all from GTO MR owner

Hi all
Been on here years ago but kinda got distracted by other things,
I have a silver 97 GTO MR, which I have owned for 14 years. It’s starting to need some TLC so thought I’d sign up to see if anyone is in the S Yorkshire area.



There’s a few your way buddy, we’re not too far away in Lincolnshire
Nice motor

Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Welcome to GTOUK :+1: looks a nice motor

Welcome along, the rides bumpy but fun. Nice looking car.

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi and welcome, nice car.

Welcome to the club, nice motor, had a ,99 front end conversion by the looks of it. Good luck.

You would have been “bustnuts” back in the day then :+1: Remember the car

Didn’t I sell you my pit road M strut braces years ago ?

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Hey yes that was me. I still have the strut brace. Still going strong :+1:

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Welcome, great looking motor.