Hi all :) just joined :)

hi just wanted to say hi as would like to get to know you all a bit as i dont have a gto now but i did have a turbo mr that was moded up but front tire went and that was the end of her :frowning:
always said i wanted a gto again and now i split with the wife i can just got to get the money now but should have it in a few mounth :):star_struck:
so where better to go than make freinds with you all :slight_smile:
thanks for reading this :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard mate
Jerry :grinning:

Hi and welcome to GTOUK.

Sorry to hear about your split , but you will soon have another woman , albeit with 4 wheels :joy:

Some really nice cars around for sale at the moment , check out our classifieds and have a look,


Craig :grinning:

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welcome to the club, good luck with getting a car and for your life in future.

Hi Alec welcome to GTOUK :+1:

Welcome aboard mate good luck in finding your car

Welcome Alec :+1:

i know i seen some nice cars just dont have the money right now just got a car to keep me on the road over winter and waiting on getting the crank back for my bike so funds a bit low :frowning:
and to me think having money and a nice car and bike will be a good trad for the old wife :slight_smile: if only i found some that would have payed me to take her away would have been better lol


Welcome to the club. Its at this point new owners normally get abused asking for pictures… Pictures of your old one would suffice!!

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will look see if i can find any but was a few yr ago but might have a few in a box somewhere if i find any will put them up :slight_smile:

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Welcome Alec, hope to see you when you are sorted buddy


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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome along bud, hope your search will be a fruitful one, read the buyers guide for buying one of these, muck, just reread you post and it says you already had one of these, doh!

Welcome anyway,

Terry :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the club Alec.

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hi and welcome

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welcome mate!

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thank you all nice to talk to you :slight_smile:
just_cool i did read it before as was a long time ago i had one :frowning:
i know a lot more now , but can never have too much info always something new to find out :slight_smile: