Hi all just wanting to introduce myself

Heres my gto, owned it a couple of years now, it does have a couple of issues im struggling with, so hope you dont mind me asking a few questions.
Cheers john.


Welcome @john12, got the first thing right, pictures, car looks nice, there are plenty of knowledgeable heads on here so ask away.

All the best,

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi @john12,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

As Terry says you’ve done the right thing and got some pictures of your car up!

You will see there are many sections in the forum for you to post your questions etc… you can also use the search function to see if similar issues have been discussed before.

We are also currently organising 2x events:

  1. Japshow Finale at Santa Pod

  2. GTOUK Christmas party

Both topics and instructions on how to register etc… can be found in the future events section.



Welcome to this great club John. Your car looks superb, well done! I note your running concerns on your other thread, and hope you soon get to the bottom of them.