Hi all new car. 1990 twin turbo

hi. new to the forum. just purchased 1990 gto twin turbo with bent valves and snapped belt. allways wanted one and this is only way i could afford one. what are the heads like to remove and replace? many thanks in advance, nick

Welcome @njonesy, wow, that’s dedication for you. If the belt went and bent the valves, you can never be sure how much damage there is, you could be landing yourself in a lot of money to put right. I personally haven’t done head work on these but there are people who will be able to give you the information . The most I’ve done headwork wise is replace the lash adjusters and spray up the cam covers. Kind of makes you think that if the cam belt was neglected how much other stuff was too!! Hopefully you have some history of the car and how much has been spent on maintaining one. All the best in your endeavours, oh! don’t forget to put up some pictures too, just drag and drop, don’t worry if they’re too big, the site will sort that out. :+1:

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Hey welcome along, talk about throwing yourself in the deep end!! :slight_smile:

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i like a challenge haha do you know if its engine out or can just take inlet off and unbolt turbos?

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nice project you have landed yourself , you planning on doing the work yourself ? you could just get a second hand engine or repair what you have .

It wont be cheap if the valves are bent you may well have taken out the valve guides too as well as damaged the piston surfaces .

TBH if it were me i would pull the engine and gearbox out then get the engine on a stand , it will do 2 things 1, make it easier to work on and 2 save your back from all the leaning over .

It really isnt that big of a job to remove the engine , a slack day would see it out of the car and on a stand

Craig :smile:

thanks craig. doing the work myself. i already have reconditioned cylinder heads just wondering best way to fit. front head looks easy to do just wondering about the back head. inlet is off. just timing belt, unbolt turbos and cam covers really. just wondering if anyone has done one before. auto data says 13hrs remove and replace :confused:

Plenty have done it in the past on the car and likewise people have taken the engine out , do you know why it failed originally ?

either way make sure you get the full cambelt kit when you are rebuilding , tensioners pulleys , water pump and thermostat

Ive only ever removed the heads when i have had the engine on a stand , probably a good thing as my back used to hate being bent over in engine bays ,

Craig :smile:

Hi and welcome,

Speaking from personal experience, and agreeing with Craig remove the engine

Put it on a stand it makes life loads easier :smile:

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