Hi All New GTO MR Owner

Hi All,

New owner of 1996 GTO MR import. Fully Stock (at the moment)

Bought a about 1 week ago for £5500 (which I think is a steal)

Imported in 2017 - Garaged for 2 years since. 1year MOT.

I even found the Shaken inspection reports, which is amazing.

I want to restore it to a factory perfect car.

Changed the gear Gaitor, looking to do brass shift bushings too to help with the play, has anyone any experience of this?

Let me know your thoughts…



As requested a bit about me: 27 Year old, worked in the motorsport industry for the last 5 years. Including Dunlop Motorsport and JLR.
Currently working for Dymag Performance Wheels as a Lead Production Engineer, Primarily for Carbon Fibre Car Wheels (so hopefully i will be trying some Carbon Fibre development parts for our cars ;))
Daily is an AUDI A5 Quattro, MX5 1.8 Turbo
This car will replace the MX5 eventually.


Hi and welcome to GTOUK , nice looking motor :sunglasses:

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Hi Adil,

A nice looking motor is that the one form Hungerford in Berkshire?

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:


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Youll want to see evilempire performance for the gear gaitor, just done mine. Perfect fit

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Hi James,

It is indeed! Shaun Church was the seller apart from the antenna not retracting it was in good nick!

He also had a VR4 for sale too but a modified one

Will definitely look into it.


Hi @Adilbub, looks nice, give a bit of info about yourself, where from approx. etc. and welcome to the club. Get in touch with @spiros to be put on the ‘map’.

Also, unless its an American import there are no VR4, they’re either 3000gt or grey import GTO

Terry :sunglasses:


Nice car , welcome on board

Welcome to GTOUK , fresh import … a good undersealing is a must if not done yet !


Welcome to the club mate, evil empire also do the gear linkage bushes that’ll take up the slack

welcome to the club nice looking car :slight_smile:

If your getting rid of your mx5 I would put tape over your gto fuel gauge :wink: welcome.

Thats what the A5 is for! - Maybe a ford KA as back up :wink:


Welcome to the club @Adilbub

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Yeah this is a big kick in the wallet, im on it for cheap super

Welcome mate I also have mr
Was looking at yours and mine and decided to buy mine, getting my ready for strip and try to do some Jensen work :rofl::rofl: good luck with yours and hopefully see you at one of the shows


Welcome to the club, good spec MR looks in good nick. :+1::+1:

Welcome aboard matey