Hi All - New Member here - Recently acquired a Mk1 TT, my pride and joy!

Hi all,

Thought I would sign up and introduce myself here finally,

So i have been lurking here in search for a Mk1 GTO / 3000GT the last few months with varying degrees of luck, Thanks to COVID I am now blessed with not having to commute to work for the foreseeable future so it is time to give up my sensible diesel in place of one of the few childhood dream cars I could realistically afford. So far nothing has come up that ticks the boxes and the one that has I haven’t successfully been able to contact the seller about.

I’m on the search for a Mk1, preferably as stock standard as possible, not really interested in low bodykits, big exhausts or massive amounts of extra HP however I appreciate these are aging cars and not all parts will be original.
The usual suspects of Fleabay/Autotrader/Car&Classic/Facebook throw up the same old results so I’m reaching out here on the off chance there may be a member looking to part with their pride and joy

(There were 2 cars for sale on eBay from the seller TOP AUTO’s, reading through a few threads on here it seems they have some mixed reviews, does anyone have any experience with these cars / has anyone looked at them as I am yet to contact the seller)
Silver H537HTA

I have studied the various buying guides around here + elsewhere and I have a checklist of things to go through while looking.
Hopefully the next time i post it will be to show of my new GTO, Wish me luck.



Hi Luke,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

Regarding Top Autos as you say - mixed reviews. Depending where you are in the country and COVID travel rules permit- go and see a couple of cars to get a feel of the condition and what to expect.

Good luck in your search.


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Hi @luke2, welcome along.

You need to speak to @CDMH about Top Auto’s, he has a real tale of woe about them. Have I spoken to you on FB?

Good luck in your hunt,

Terry :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the welcome both,

I figured the TopAutos ones could well be a bag of nails, they seem to have been up for sale for quite a long time (along with that black MR)
Checking the history on the silver one that i posted the reg above shows its got a nice 4 year gap and a few advisories for corrosion Also so i was debating if its even worth the 2-3 hour journey down there.

Not sure if we have spoke on facebook, but feel free to drop me a friemd request if youve seen me around on there though

Well they had a blue one that was a 93 car with a ten year gap and all wasn’t as it seemed . Personally I would look elsewhere , that’s not to say they don’t have decent cars as I’m sure some are , I believe they make the cars better by using interiors etc out of others . Pays your money and takes your choice as they say , I would rather have a car that has been looked after with a known history myself


Welcome to GTOUK @luke2

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Hi and welcome, are you planning to use this as a daily driver?

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and no it’ll be a weekend / summer car mostly. Ive got a 3 series at the moment which ill be keeping for the day to day stuff.

Hey all, just to update,
I now have my own 1991 GTO pride and joy!

Purchased from a super nice guy called Richard near coventry way, he has owned her for 20 years since he imported back in 2000, tons of paperwork, loveley car, clearly looked after by him all these years.
I followed all the buyers guide (thanks to those who made it, Really super helpful!) and im really happy with my purchase.

Has some club stickers in the back window and he said he used to be a member quite a while ago maybe about 10 years? I think he went to some shows too .

Have got too many pictures yet as i bought her back to Staffirdshire in the dark this evening.


Is looking good, enjoy !

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Tidy looking car

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@Colin_GTO, know of this one?

Welcome along, nice car, right colour :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


Title updated as im no longer looking,

Thanks for the compliments and welcomes all! Hopefully will get to see you all at a show or meet up in future!

I will lock this post off now then Luke :+1: