Hi all newbie here!

Hi everyone just purchased this GTO mk1 1992 non turbo automatic on yesterday for a cheap price loads to spend on it.
I am glad to hear any ideas and some help because to be honest it’s a little bit hard to understand first Japan car.


Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Bit of a project is it ?

Pff I don’t know where to start but I keep you guys updated during the process :muscle::muscle:

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We’ll you’ve made your first good decision by wanting to get involved in the club.Years upon years of invaluable information within.


Welcome to GTOUK few more pictures and an idea of what You’re planing to do with it !

I don’t really have many pictures ! And to be honest still working on a plan and try to get an image about what I want and how I want to look this car.
Firstly to put back on road to see what’s it’s wrong.
Second looking for a garage who of course is specialist in Mitsubishi or Japan cars. I would like to keep it more of the genuine parts and looking like factory.:blush:

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Hi Vlad,

Welcome to the club, good colour car, I’m biased

Terry :sunglasses:

Welcome and congrats on your purchase.

Welcome to the club Vlad, good luck with your car/project. Lots in here go help you along.

Thanks mate I just posted another topic with some help appreciate:)

Got a spare set of those wheels in crawley west sussex

Thanks mate but to late now I already sent the wheel for repair yesterday I was all day in Crawley area if I knew:(

Thats a shame, need a spare set? Also got the 16" star ones