Hi all you cool ass jdm dudes


My name is Craig and im addicted to JDM cars…
all i need is to buy one now lol.

Nah i got a little daihatsu and once i put the engine back together will be looking to get on this gto train before i can’t afford it. These cars are so awesome i dont get why there so cheap! I’ve never driven or been in one but they just look so pimp haha.
Look forward to getting involved once i get one, saw a lush one with a full forged built bottom end up for £4.5k but cant remember where! Oh hoping to keep this under £5k, thinking twin t pop up lights… But im an auto guy…


Twin turbo are only manuals, if you’re after an auto then itll be a NA, there are a few around for sale at that price so.shouldnt be too hard to find :slight_smile:


Welcome to GTOUK https://www.gto.club/resources/buyers-guide/


I just bought a pop-up lamp (MK1) auto. I part-exchanged a car for it, but it was £3000, so you should find one well within your budget.

You will regreat not buying a twin turbo :wink:

All of them turbo noises !!

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Putish putishhhh… no officer only 30, swear

Gto looks fine in any configuration. Youll love being out in it

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Just getting out of 1st gear isn’t it? The 1 bit that disappointed me with it, to hear that great noise you always end up speeding