Hi everyone td05 upgrade?

Hi everyone I have a 1991 gto and want to up my power while leaving the engine internals stock! What can I push it too? And we’re can I buy a full td05 turbo upgrade kit, including all fittings fuel pump, injectors manifolds etc… any help or comments would be great . Thanks john

Hi john

There is a vast amount of information within the technical sections of the site , ranging from turbos to piggybacks Ecu’s etc and dyno graphs

One of the many perks of being a full member is getting those sections unlocked


Craig :grinning:


Thanks Craig I LL have a read of what I can do! :+1:

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The crank will fail before those turbos will even get going

Far too big and mega laggy, a 13T car will destroy a TD05 car in performance because of the immediate spool 13T’s have and they fit without manifolds and Precats you will need to obtain for the TD05’s

I have a set of Rob’s 13T’s on my car and I have to agree it is mega for a road car. Unless you are building a drag rocket i would definitely recommend them. As Rob says the spool is near enough instant and I have over 430bhp on standard block with no issues. And this is far from the limit of these turbos. If you can try and get a ride in a 13T car and see what its like. Where abouts are you? I would be happy to take you for a spin if you are near me.

That’s great help, I tried to join the full membership to get more info but PayPal keeps directing me back for sum reason . I d rather not bother with td05s in that case.

I d love a spin in it too see what it’s like. Pity I live in Dublin Ireland. And their is no help over here for any tuning of any car! U lads have it tied up in the U.K. :+1:t2: I will go with t13’s so as no fabrication is required and over 400bhp on stock internal s is well enough for me. Theirs ovo a list of other things I need for this tho… piggy back ecu
Sum 1 to map it and injectors … I LL have to sorce all this or find a place in uk tat can do it all for me?

You won’t be disappointed. Plus if you are you have spent far less money if you’d gone TD05 and decided you didn’t like the lag.
Below is a list of the bare essentials to get you running on 13T’s. In brackets I have put the exact ones I am using as a reference.
The turbos themselves
Injectors (RC550)
Fuel pump (Walbro 255)
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator (aeromotive)
Engine management (MAF-T pro although I would recommend standalone)
Clutch to handle the power (exeddy)
The usual intake and exhaust mods will help. Bare in mind that depending on your engine management if it is speed density based you can get rid of the MAF and fit either a large single air filter or a separate smaller one for each turbo. Another thing you will need to think about is intercoolers. Personally I like the look of side mounts so I stuck with updated ones of those in the standard location. But you can just as easily go with a front mount.
Everything you need is available from Rob (evil empire) who posted above.

Think that’s everything but I’m sure Rob will correct me if he wants more money from you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Right u ve put me in the right direction and will save me a fortune and a lot of time. just need to source all the bits I LL get onto rob and see what he can do for me. Thanks so much !

Any time buddy. That’s what the club is all about. As Craig mentioned earlier it will serve you well to join as a full member. The technical sections here are invaluable!!

Ye I tried that wanna get to know more but the pay pal wudnt work on my phone. I LL log in on a laptop during the week ! Thanks again.

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