Hi everyone!


Hi guys,
Heres a picture of my pride and joy, only had her 2 weeks so looking to find out a bit more about the GTO and get some tips and tricks! My names jake and im in the south west, exeter. Havent seen any GTOS around here so if there is anyone in the area raise a hand!!


Welcome mate nice looking gto,spoiler looks great too


Cheers buddy. Its a big old wing! Had a lot of money spent on it i think, inside was re upholstered in black amd white leather, looks smart.
Are you using yours as a daily ride?


Hi welcome to the club mate car looks well :+1:
(No show) Dave :sunglasses:


Welcome to the group. As they say here in the states, that’s a nice looking 2nd Gen. I only see one issue with it…the steering wheel is on the wrong side! :joy: I’m glad the front license plate is the correct shape. :grin:


Thanks dave, once ive paid full membership ill have to give you a shout RE insurance as my renwal is up in sept and if its 600 a year again im going sorn it until march (better weather). by the looks of it your the “go to” guy.


Welcome aboard, car looks good. A long way from here tho. :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:


Where are you based ? Maybe im the only one in the south west!!


Don’t know if you can access it but there is a map where the members are approximately. Ooops, my bad, near the s/w midlands

Well worth a look.

Terry :sunglasses:


That a full membership thing? Going to have a look around amd cough up in thr morning!


Welcome along mate,nice motor you have there I like the wing
Jerry :grinning:


Hi welcome to GTOUK , nice looking motor :sunglasses:

Take it your misses never knew you were taking that pic :wink:


Couple of mates at work have given the ol’ BGW. Cheers bud, got a pic of yours?


Welcome to the club Jake.
Nice looking gto.


Lol the whole of gtouk zooms in :astonished:


I was going to say welcome nice ride , but must ease the new guys in gently :flushed: Ooh matron lol


We need more wife’s at meets I bet she’s saying omg I love this ride, it’s a little hard mind :joy: (suspension ffs)
Not sure how far we go on a newbie post but sign above your Mrs says mount wise?


Noooo , no wives at meets , well not loads , well not mine anyway :joy::joy: it’s my Mel Gibson moment at meets , freeeeeedommm


■■■■■■ hell Dave you really did have to zoom in to see that one. !


I have to zoom in just to see text this time of jd night :joy: