Hi guys back from a long break away , the pandemic and moving home over last 3 years put the GT on the back burner

Well the GT has finally been moved to North Wales. Working over the winter to get the car back on the road.
Currently working on the underside suspension and associated running gear powder coating most parts.
Cambelt water pump change next job.
And a bit tuning work as I have many goodies to add on that I purchased years ago.
I will be asking for advice and pointers on the way.
The engine runs really quiet and sweet as dose the gear box. Currently on 69k 1996 km2 GT uk model.

Hopefully have this ready for spring 2023.


Ok car is ready after some extensive refurbishment on the underside and running gear. MOT monday some paint work repaires ghis week then ready for this march NEC show


Great work! I bet you can’t wait to enjoy it again.

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Looks fantastic!

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Now I’m really depressed.
That is seriously good work matey, well done.
I look forward to seeing it in the flesh on Friday 24th.


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So GT passed MOT no issues, took car down to get some paint work refreshed, they were short staffed due to Covid. So I’ve thought it best to get the car painted after the NEC show . Mid April its booked in for then. Any how the car still look very presentable i guess a restoration show is Ideal as 80% of the work is now completed just needs the final treatment then i be happy.

Looking forward the the restoration show and meet up with you guys. Just a final question will tickets be sent out etc Leon


Hi Leon,

You should have received your car display pass by email today. Regarding daily entry passes this will be organised on the days etc… so nothing to worry about.


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Thanks James I will print it off tomorrow…
My Mum is also coming down Thursday so she can get me back to Stoke in the evening. Will i have a parking pass for her car Thursday :red_car:

Should do so nothing to worry about :+1:

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Sound see you Thursday.

Hi James, I just checked my emails. Nothing so far tickets wise. [email protected]
I have been receiving emails via the club portal.

Hang on there James, the ticket was sent to my Spam mail

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