Hi help needed!

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Hi all after finally purchasing my 96 gto of which I love I’m beginning to understand how every body says be prepared for deep pockets! My car is totally original apart from the wheels and had it checked over and seems to be in very good condition… until my windscreen wipers stay on intermittent and my central locking won’t work! Have replaced the wiper switch and wiper motor but with no luck. Does any one have any ideas or could it be the ecu? Thanks any help greatly appreciated!

(CDMH) #2

Possibly an etacs fault , when that plays up it can give lots of random /strange faults

Been covered a few times as to where it is etc , but it won’t show in the search engine as a lot of it is hidden in the technical sections which is only open to full members

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Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

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Thanks :+1:Loooking forward to full membership

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Hi thanks just about to do full membership as think it will come in handy! Is it £20 plus £20 joining fee??

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Well worth it , lots of info in the forum about issues !

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Just £20 to sign up :+1:

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It’s £20.91 the shop sign up is misleading it means sign up now £20 plus 91p fee then £20.91 per year.

Cheers Dave

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Welcome along dude.

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Welcome aboard GTOUK :+1:

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Thanks for the warm welcome will sign up definitely just to let you know it was the after market alarm some how stopping it all from working! New exhaust now!!

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All paid up fully fledged member :+1:

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