Hi I'm Fred I'm new here


Hi I’m Freddie, I’m new here I was introduced by graham and Steve. Thanks guys. I own a mk 1 gto twin turbo in red.
Looking forward to meeting and getting to know more of you soon hopefully
Freddie(yoda to my mates :grinning:) my the gto force be with you :grinning:


Hi Freddie

Welcome to GTOUK. , good to have you aboard :sunglasses: Look forward to seeing you and your motor out and about at meets


Craig :grinning:


Welcome mate,dont be shy with the pics,best colour car…runs for cover.


Welcome on board fella. Get some pics up :slight_smile:


Been a bit of a challenge getting you sorted Freddy, glad you finally made it. Welcome to GTOUK. I understand your not yet computer savvy but that will change here.

Be good to meet you soon matey.



Welcome along mate… we’re all nuts as you can probably see by reading some posts…your in the right place and the right colour, pics :wink:


Welcome to the club or what some might say care in the community! :grinning: look forward to seeing you at some events next year - as Scot said you have chosen the best colour



Welcome to the club freddie.


Welcome on board !


Hi Freddie,

Feel like I know you already :wink:, with all the behind the scenes dealings with Steve to get you here, glad you made it eventually.

Have a mooch through the Forum, lots of information to read, and always someone on hand for any advice you need, not just car stuff, but if get stuck on the ‘computer’ give us a shout.

Tracie :slight_smile:


Welcome, good to see another new member and car, best place to be with a gto.


Welcome along where’s the pics lol