Hi, Just bought a GTO

(Ethanblaze ) #1

Hi everyone, I just bought an GTO from a friend who’s now settled in the US.
I’ve had to do a little work on it to get it running properly (breaks, exhaust, suspension) and has been running fine until this morning.
Two lights stay on when I drive the car, these are the BATTERY and A/T lights. Not sure why the suddenly decided to stay on but is concerning as to what may have caused them to do that,
I’m useless with mechanics so any advice from you guys would be much appreciated.
Incidentally, the battery is brand new, I bought it 3 weeks ago.


(David Perkins) #2

Hi mate newbie section is for newbies to introduce themselves… you joined in 2013?
You may have missed m membership subscription ?

Cheers Dave

(Spiros Kapadohas) #3

Welcome Back to GTOUK :+1: