Hi need help to find a sump for my 1992 got twin turbo

Hi all just got my gto twin turbo and i need a new sump pan or if anyone has one for sale or no a good Website to get one any help will be good. Regards graham

Make sure you don’t get an early 2 bolt engine sump as it wont fit , you ideally want to be looking for late 92 engines onwards . Im guessing by the year of yours it should be a 4bolt main engine but you will need to check . simple way of checking is on the drivers side of your rear head if its a 2 bolt engine there will be a cas sensor , if its the latter engine it wont have this bolted too it and instead will have a cable running down the side of the cam covers to the sensor down there

Craig :smile:

Thanks Craig I will have a look tomorrow to see what one it is do you no where the best place to get one from when I no wich one it is. Regards graham

Try the main dealers, Rob at the Evil Empire or the breakers , not many will be willing to split from a working engine though , I waited a while to buy one but sold it on with the new engine .

They are out there though

Craig :smile:

Not that dear to buy new Graham

Give me a call on Monday with your chassis number and i can give you a price for the correct one


Cheers Rob

Been looking for a while now with out any luck

Thanks Rob I will give you a call on Monday

Have a look on here this is my website for GTO and 3000GT parts


Anything anybody wants but cant find on my website, just ask and i am sure i can provide… :construction_worker:

Cheers Rob

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Thanks mate i will have a look on there in a min and see what you have got. Regards graham

Hi Rob,

Been trying to send you a PM re a six speed manual twin turbo GTO gearbox. I need a synchro for reverse gear and in a previous post (that it won’t let me reply to) you mentioned you had them and they cost around £80

Can you PM me please


Hay rob been calling you mate been no answer so you must be out have you got a mobile number or give me a call on 07909913597 thanks graham

Anyone got any photos of what to look for that will be very helpful so i can find out what sump i need. Regards graham

The item in the green circle is the MK1 2 bolt engine CAS sensor

If your engine does not have this then you have a later 4 bolt main engine

And now i cant upload the picture Grrrrrrrrr

Hay rob if it makes it easier just send it to my email at [email protected]

Sorry to hijack but you couldn’t do me a favour and send me the picture as well could you? I’m not sure which engine I’ve got and I’ve been meaning to find out for ages. :stuck_out_tongue:

[email protected] if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Mail sent Graham

Stupidly busy today

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob i will have a look now. Regards graham

And yes this is my engine bay when we was assembling the car about 6 years ago now !!

That looks dome nice that engine bay rob if only my engine bay looked like that

And yes i have replaced the Dump Valve with a Red One !!

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