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Hi people. Just brought my 1st gto and what a stunner! 28 years old and still turns heads. Got a 1991 jap import gto twin turbo running 418 bhp and 493 nms of torque. I have a few little probs I need answering ?! Thanx

Newbie again been a while
Newbie again been a while
Thank you dave perkins

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Hi and welcome to the club.


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7 posts and no one has asked for PICTURES!!! Welcome to the club dude. You will need some pictures up soon!
For your technical questions you would be better off signing up for full membership. 20 quid a year and its invaluable!! The technical sections that you get access to are huge.


Thanks Max saves me getting my usual abuse :joy:


Hi and welcome. You have got the same gto as mine. We want pictures :slight_smile:


Hi , I have a question if someone’s on I could use some help please.


Whats up bud?


Thanx for getting bk to me. My spring on my gear stick lines up between 3rd and 5th gear and not 3rd and 4th. Anyway to adjust it and thanx a lot


I’m afraid that’s some thing I don’t know the answer to. Hopefully someone else will pop along that can help you out with this one. You will find some info by using the search bar, but most of the technical stuff is only available to full members.


Right ok, be at least a week before I’m full member. Thanx for getting bk to me thoe


Sure someone will be along soon that knows if it’s adjustable.


Does c12 gto red mark1 ring any bells to you?


Not a known car to me. Possibly some of the other members might know it. I have only been here a couple of years.


Oh ok! Ex club car the set ups ancient on it. Wanted to know if anyone had any history about it. Much appreciated