Hi there! New blood here

Hey all!

Thought i would join up these here pages since after many years of wanting a GTO, I finally managed to get my hands on one :smile:

I took a small drive (3hrs each way) yesterday to go view one and I get to bring it home on the 10th of this month.
To say I am a little bit excited has to be the understatement of the year!

Ever since I was little, Iv always wanted to own one, as to me, these cars are a dream car, so the hunt began. I’m very fussy over what one I wanted and I kept my search very tight.
but the car I’m bringing home is slightly out of line, being its dark red and not black. BUT it is a manual mark 1 and it is 99.99% standard (all bar the wheels,)

Not a lot will be required to bring this beast back to its glory.
some kind sole has keyed down the entire passenger side (how kind), no smoke on start up or while running, nice smooth gear changes and a nice smooth drive, blowing exhaust on the rear joins, bit tatty on the inside so I will be on the look out for new seats, doorcards, steering wheel and gear knob.
squealing aux tensioner and the cam belt was last done in 2012. Sadly there is no history with the car. but it is on 109k, a mixture of km and mile, while taking with the owner we think it has aprox 85/90k miles in total.

Well, that is some waffling from me. here are some pictures of the ol gal, thanks to the previous owner.

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Welcome along mate looking good :+1:

Hi and welcome to the club, from what I can remember you now have the 2nd burgundy one in the club. Where about a in the country are you?

Hey guys. Cool! Is this a rarer colour for them then?Cheers for the welcome.
I’m down in (sometimes) sunny swindon.
And the car is currently up in liverpoo.

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Welcome dude. There are quite a few on here from around the M4 on here. There is an upcoming meet not far from you at a pub with the dodgiest name in history. Details are on here so would be good if you could make it!


Welcome to the club, as mentioned pop along and say hello at the south west meet on the 23rd August. Here is the information if you are interested:


Lol count me in! :smile:

Yes that place has one hell of a name. I go there fairly often as it’s 10 min ( :wink: sprited) drive from my house.


Hi there, welcome to the club, you won’t regret it. An amazing wealth of knowledge, amazing banter, wicked events. Get yourself along to a meet to put a face to the car, when we all get together you learn so much about running these cars on a budget and the best places to get things from based on real world experiences. Not internet bull!!


Hey welcome to the club! :blush: got excited then thought you were in Liverpool too! …except you’re dahn saaaaf like everyone else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ali :blush:

Cheers guys. I can’t wait to dive head first into this world.
I’m planning things and iv not got the car home yet haha.

Well if you’re about on the 10th, we can swing by.
We will be over in St helens with a possible Manchester to see a mate.

Welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

@gavin_naish has summed it up pretty well

Craig :smile:

Never mention the M word to a scouse. It is a trigger for instant pain!!

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Lmao! Maybe I like pain… muhahahaha :smile:
Ohhh that makes me sound crazy. Lol I am crazy waaaaaaah oh god.


You scare me! So you will probably fit in well here! Haha. You and @BexGTO must be related!

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Hahaha but I’m all innocent flutters eyes

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