Highway insurance

A thread from over on the rotary club forums, regarding Highway insurance not paying out over a vehicle fire, citing that the fire was caused by a split fuel line, and that mechanical failures aren’t covered by the policy.

You may want to check your policy wording, regardless of who you are with.



Thats well harsh! :shock:

I guess a fair number of members are actually on Highway policies. I am, and look forward to not being!

it also mentions a modification to the fuel line, which would make his insurance invalid anyway as he didnt list it!

I would think most insurance companies would not pay out in the case of a fire if the cause was negligence.


I was with Highway for two years had non fault claim last year on the Foucs and they took 6 Months to agree repair even though should have just agreed due to it being non fault.

I then got a letter from Greenlight insurance which I thought was my renewal stating they didnt want me to renew :shock:

When I asked why they said because I made a complaint and they dont like that :shock: :shock: it was like that fat fella on the Nationwide ads New customers only !!!

Personal preference they seem fantastic until a claim (They were the only one theat invited race or rally for £80 a day tarck cover)

On the FFOC they were saying that if you have a blow out with them your not covered