Highway Insurance

Someone on here recently mentioned a quote they got from Highway insurance.
Thought i’d have a look at one of these comparison sites which i am sure many have done, makes you wonder where some of them get their figures from.

Typed in all my details as requested, and the list of insurers for my circumstances came up with as follows:

Lowest quote for fully comp----------£459

Highest quote for fully comp---------£1306

Guess what—the lowest quote was from------Highway

Anyone here with them?

I’m with Sky just paid £466 Fully Comp., All Mods Declared, NCB Protected, Agreed Valuation they used Highway last year for me, but not sure about this year not go paper work through yet.


I think Highway have rather priced themselves out of it now. I am also with Sky and it used to be Highway, but now it’s QBE PC Flag, whoever they are, never heard of them.

HIGHWAYS :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

ARrrrgggghhhhh Stay the ■■■■ away from these f*&king bunch of ■■■■■ !!!
Took them 2 years to get my address right and then tried to charge me admin fee when they eventually got it right. I moved to a cheaper safer post code listing with a garage… and they put my premium UP :shock:

They Also lost my alarm certificate and …the list is endless. My renewal is due 16th Oct and i just got my letter from the saying new premium will be £980 f/c… stupid thing is I’m paying £530f/c with them now :? :? :?

EDIT… if in could add more swear words i certainly would :x :x

Good luck Ozzie

Got my docs through today and it is QBE now.