Honda civic coupe 1.7 vtec auto 2002

for sale,my wifes honda civc coupe 1.7 v,tech auto,we have owned the car for three years it has 80000 miles with fsh the cheepest one on ebay £ in good condition had cambelt done at 60 k 11 months mot yhis car does 49 mhg moter way 38 allround its nver let her down and is a pleasure to drive will take£ 1750 ovno anyone iinterested you can arsk anyone that knows me if something needs doing it gets done :wink:

You might want to stick up some pics simon and might have been better in the other marques section

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Craig :slight_smile:

thanks,will add some picks,just to add this car is a perfect runaround, seats 5 very comfortably has air con sunroof large boot.its been so good i am looking at the same car for her with 30k on it at nearly double the price.