How about this?


I want to get the app form in to them by Monday so intrest by then appreciated.
Thanks all


Lots more information on the website.

To be honest, whether we go with car or not, it looks like a great day out, those barn finds and cars I remember from my youth always fascinate me.

Tracie the Oldie :wink:


Dont get me wrong im up for it regardless if my cars any use in any of the required stages



As it’s all new and different, maybe if you put up a list of the 4 standards of car we need to attend and people can shout out, most of us have ‘show’ car standard, those who don’t probably will have by the date, i.e. Craig, and those who haven’t might not want to drag them out of the garage.

It’s a great idea, and is also a nice opportunity for someone to show who 'isn’t quite there yet" rather than attending nothing all year as a result, but it’s difficult to gauge people’s progress on their car at the date of the meet, if you see what I mean.



Yes Trace that’s how l was seeing it
So the four aspects would be

1)An unrestored car or recently aquire, running but maybe not that underbonnet clean, could this be the car being “worked on” at the show.

2)A car that has been given the underbonnet treatment we love, good paintwork, interior to show the top condition possible with a more or less std car, or at least pretty std looking

  1. A modified car that shows where we go to get big power and individual engineering

4)A show car that takes things further into one off uniqueness

Hope that makes sense

Plus as much support from members as possible, we can be on the stand or checking out the show, lots of renovation tips to be had and some modding stuff as well, there will be lots of high class stuff at the show.


Bear in mind the show is across three days so we need to cope with this.


Sounds good Jerry. If I am free that weekend I will go.


An update on this, now down at the Classic Car Show and spoke to the organiser for club srands at the Restoration Show in March (same people) and it looks like we will have stand space for 4 possibly 5 cars as hoped for.
So will put some thoughts together and keep this thread going.
Really hope we can do a good presentation, we,ve been known for it at Jap shows and we can promote the club and the car to a much wider audience.
Quite chuffed, good news today.