How can I get Evil Empire parts in the US?

I would like to buy some parts to replace a few European spec. pieces on my GTO, but it doesn’t look like Evil Empire ships to the US. I really want to buy these pieces. How can I make this happen outside of buying a plane ticket to the UK? Looking for the Headlight washer bottle cap specifically.

Maybe ask someone to buy it on your behalf then send payment for part including postage costs via paypal?

@GSXRKID does ship over seas I think. Tagged him so hope he replies.

Armond I will reply to your e mail later bud, a bit over stretched here at the moement

I can supply the caps you require no problem and ship them to the USA too for you

Cheers Rob

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That is awesome Rob. Thank you! Just let me know how to pay and how much to pay and I will send cash your way for the caps.