How long after you register do you get access to post and see tech forum


Just curious

How long does it take after you’ve paid for your membership and your status is active dose it take for the forums to unlock for you?


Should be abe to help you out.
I have tagged him for you.


Only full members can post in the majority of catagories with exception of newbie, meets and a few others…
We have no subscription from you as yet for 18/19
Cheers Dave


44413 is my order number


Here is a screen shot of my order


Order process all depends on when we catch it , the running of the club is voluntary and we do what we can when we can , time it right and it can’t be instant other times it may take a few hours , generally most people are up and running well before 24hrs :+1:


Ok will go check now


And my status

So how do you have not have this?


Please read above ,

The order goes via the shop then a notification gets sent to an admin , early evening family commitments etc we don’t sit on here every minute of the day , well some of us do :joy:


I’m on it give me 5 I’m trying to drink as much whisky as I can b4 I go up to bed with the Mrs :+1:


Lol thanks for the heads up guys :slight_smile:


Whisky it’s not a good idea if Your going to bed :wink:


Nice color :grinning:


Is so :joy: 10 characters


There you go @M_pro apologies system error :+1:


OK It is If You are going to sleep :grin:


Welcome to full membership @M_pro :+1:


Thanks for looking into this guys :slight_smile:

Have a great night