How long or should I wait?

If send my completed application form off tomorrow with a postal order approx how long will it take to process?. In another topic it says 4 to 5 weeks to process. So I’m thinking what with xmas and the like is it better to wait untill March and paying £30 for the year rather than £20 for a month and a half?

Your forum membership will be applied much sooner than that in all probability. It’s the membership pack that might take a little longer, but you won’t be waiting for months…

Send it off now !!

These guys are spot on and work their ■■■■■■■■ off for us lot, not forgetting they all have day jobs to contend with too.

It will be well worth it, I held off too when i joined. Then i looked back once i was a full member and saw all the stuff i had missed out on, Just not worth the tenner you would have ‘saved’ and will prob spend next time you out for a pint anyway.


ok sent po today thanks