How many owners have a separate daily drive?

Im debating whether or not its worth having another car along side my GTO for daily commutes. In the the last month over a 600 mile distance of mixed driving I have spent about £200 on fuel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably the best £200 I’ve spent on fuel loool. But i’m starting to think about preserving my car so that I can enjoy it for as long as possible. During the week it will be sitting at home and on weekends I’d bring her out to play.

How many other owners have a separate car as their daily and what would you guys recommend??

I have been looking at the following cars:

Focus ST170
Mitsubishi Colt CZT
206 1.6 HDi - stage 1
Clio Sport 172

I have other cars and access to other cars but the GTO still remains as my daily driver, always has always will. Been a daily commuter now for 10+ years.

I use a second car, it does save a lot of money, the only car through experience I would avoid is the 172. My neighbour had one and it fell apart a lot.


I used to have a second car, but I got rid. I have a van if I need to go to work. But other than that I use the 3000GT.

I generally cut about in the van, cos I am usually carrying tools, surfing stuff, bags, changes of clothes etc etc. I hate driving it about towns & villages; even with reversing sensors and cameras and stuff its still a pain to park or get round bad parkers……
Its diesel but quite old although I’ve modded it a lot, get about 500 miles out of a £90 tank of diesel, maybe 35mpg. I have an Audi A6 but its up to stage II now and eats fuel as bad as the GTO, maybe 33mpg cruising if lucky. Own a Mini for the wife but with a second kid on the way its getting impractical and only does maybe 37mpg anyway. I’ve got a few sports cars but they are mainly in pieces, closest is my Elan to being on the road, but its getting almost a complete refurb so won’t be on the road for a while; the GTO was meant to be a toy but its turning into a big refurb job, just to do it justice. Also bought a secondhand Freelander recently as a possible replacement for the van and car for the wife/2 kids but she doesn’t like it so its going onwards; and I am thinking about changing the van for a Shogun or Warrior. Having seen some of the insane figures newer cars are getting for mpg, like over double what anything I own gets, I am seriously considering selling Mini, Audi and van and getting something small but 4-door and nearly new with 60-70mpg and shaving £1-2000 a year off the petrol bill which would virtually pay for the car in a few years. Thinking an Alfa Giulietta I think it was.

Its insane how much petrol costs and how little the newer cars are to run, but not seen this in practice, just hearsay.

@nonamecc79 your fuel consumption seems a tiny bit, but not majorly, high, I got about 300 miles out of an £85 tank on the GTO, and was pretty surprised; it seemed no worse than anything else I’ve got but I didn’t really hoon it about…depends I guess on mods and fuel octane too.

My daily drive is my l200 or the misses navara… The nav drinks more than the Gto!

Right, the clio is off my list then!! To be fair i dont really want to get another car but the only thing that justifies a reason to get one is the cost to run the GTO. Plus I’d like an NA car to rag around for fun!!

I’m not babying the car around to save on fuel. I drive it “normally” so to speak. I think it works out at about 19mpg combined??
My only performance mods are gutted cats, dual exit exhaust with a resonator, K&N fipk, MBC @stock boost, and an after market y-pipe. I’ve done the fuel pump hot-wire mod too but i dont think that would affect fuel comsumption a lot.

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I have had a 2nd car for about 5 yrs now. The GT was my daily for 4 years.

I did have a cheap corolla for ages. I now have a 04 bmw 320ci. It feels bigger than the GT sometimes.


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iuse my wifes c2 or fiat 500 drive the gto less and less but when i do i love it.

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I have a van to drive around in, what with all the tools and stuff, but I drive the GTO any chance I get. Feul, pah! when it gets low, around a quarter in goes more fuel and off I go yay!!!

Terry :sunglasses: