HUGE Clearout-will update as I sort stuff out;

I am having a massive clearout.
Lots of bits I have collected over the years, or is it hoarded? lol

Anyway, all priced to sell. All plus P&P, unless deliver at event possible?

8x GSXR coils-suitable for a coil on plug set up. £5ea

Passenger folding mirror carcass, inc base. Champagne Silver £10
Mk1 ABS Module MB 686563 £10

Passenger Non folding Mirror Ass. H84 Silver. £20
Passenger Folding Mirror Glass, Heated. £8

GTO 110A Alternator MD150657 £25
3mm Lifters. LIFM16 Johnson Make-Price to follow(complete set) Provisionally Sold
AEM Intake Air temp sensor £15
Carbon cloth on a roll. 2 inch wide.I will check roll length. £10-Proviionally Sold
Aluminium Bung, for filling hole created when Installing dump valve, £5 Provisonally Sold
Speedo drive. MR111502. New. This is the later one, that makes the speedo more accurate. £15 Provisionally Sold
Resistor pack, TT. MD145 962 £5
Standard Fuel Injectors. £12 a set. Ideal to get cleaned/flow tested and then swap over.(I have a few sets)
Air wrench, Clarke 90psi Reversible ‘gun’ £20
Axminster 90deg air wrench. £12
Front Suspension Arm outer balljoint. New £10

Roll Kevlar Cloth. 2inch wide by 10meters(approx.). Provisionally Sold £10
JBL GTO 1100w Amp. A few marks, but working. £20 Provisionally Sold

These are all bushes for all the suspension, diffs, that sort of thing.
All new, and packaged, genuine Mitsubishi. Full descriptions, prices will be edited in, or make me a sensible offer for the lot. This is everthing for the subframes, diffs, the lot!

MB663072(x2) Bushing Rear Suspension Crossmember
MB663754(x1) Bushing Rear Suspension Crossmember
MB515165(x2) Bushing Rear Suspension Lower Arm
MB633404(x1) Bushing Front Axle Crossmember

Chargecooler £20
Gto stainless steel sills. Really nice item. £120
MR front hub knuckles. Need refurbishment. £30 the pair. These are non abs hubs.
GTO cover. One of Dave Naxton 's excellent covers. Fits perfectly. £120
New ’ 99 front lower spoiler.(Known as Air Dam Extension) MR447825 £25 Provisionally Sold
Non ABS Proportioning Valve and engine bay brake lines to suit. £85 New, Genuine parts
Koyo Front wheel bearing assy. £50
BMW Under Bonnet +ve Post. Ideal for battery in boot, but need an under bonnet +ve available. £10

Keep an eye on this post, as I have LOADS of bits I need to clear. I will edit in as I go.


Marty can I have the Engine, in what sort of state is it in? just the block and heads? or other?

Sure, no problem.
Block , heads, some ancillaries.
I don’t have a crane, so are you feeling strong? lol

I can source a crane and a van, no problem.

I just fancy trying to learn a little more about the internals.

I have a crane, or I can come up and help you and oi Andy I offered you an engine :slight_smile:

We threw that thing around your garage with no sump on, plus you said it was running like a bag of ■■■■ before you took it out. haha

and whats the problem lol

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Marty can I have the carbon cloth please…

@Marty_K I am also interested in those 316SS pistons and the air dam/s.

No problem.
Give me a call/text/pm to arrange
Next weekend?
I need it gone by end of the month.
We can do the other bits at same time

No problem.
Did you want it posting?
Paypal please, [email protected], or cash at birthday bash

Cash suits me at BDB, post or can collect from BDB if you have room with your camping stuff?

Cash at BDB is fine.

I’ll take the amp off your hands…cash at birthday bash?

Hi Marty can I have the

Gearbox speed sensor
First dibs on the alternator if its new, if not don’t worry.

Aluminium Bung, for filling hole created when Installing dump valve, £5

and could i have first refusal on the 3mm Lifters. LIFM16 Johnson Make-Price to follow(complete set)

Please Marty

That is fine.
Will bring it with me.

The gearbox bit is the splined drive, not the sensor.
if that is the bit you are after, then that’s fine.
Let me know how you would like to do business.
Alternator is used

No problem.
Let me know how you want to do it. Paypal works, or cash at Birthday Bash.
Lifters are £80 for the set.

First post updated