Huge thanks to Mr Parky


Massive thanks to @stevie for going that extra mile for me today, collecting some rather shiny wheels :heart:
With inhaler in one hand fag in the other lifted them into his van and out again to a secret location :joy: @Tracie
As always UK at its best :heart:
Oh yeh pictures :joy:


There nice


Polish ones lol


Got a product here that would make them mirror finish


Great they’re yours :smiley::+1:


Powdercoat them black like I said :joy::joy:


Maybe I will just rewrap smokin in blue…


I dare You :roll_eyes:


Lol you throwing down the glove @spiros?
You know what happens when I’m challenged :joy:


Ι had enough in here and that will be the last straw , I’ll sign up for ■■ :grin:


Oh no you won’t…bet you can’t :joy:


No fair :sob:


:joy::joy::joy:you have As much chance of that as I have spiros .

Be better off going to a Wild West town , the odd tumble weed blowing past will still be more action than going over there