I bought a gto, need a thorough inspection/repairs

Hey, i have bought myself a Z16A 1994 GTO (NA Japan import), It’s not in the best shape and i was wondering if there are any mechanics you’d recommend around Chelmsford area? The car starts and drives but the steering knocks when turning and the catalytic converter on the right is disconnected.

Really happy to own one and would like to keep it for the days to come, here are some pics and a video:


Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

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Hi welcome to GTOUK :+1: nice motor.

I guess like with any car get the general maintenance done - fluids etc… and check to see if the timing belt has been done - if unsure get this done - better safe than sorry. For parts there is evil empire performance down in Southend.


Westfield Motos near You http://www.westfieldmotors.co.uk/ have been recommended by our members . Also Rob @ Evil Empire Performance for parts is near You as James mentioned !

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Hi! Welcome

Well you are lucky there is a garage very close - Westfield Motors in Rayleigh


They know GTOs … inside and out !

…and a special bonus as noted, a mere trip down the A130 and A127 will bring you to the font of all knowledge that is Evil Empire Performance :slight_smile:


I also have a set of Mania Racing Pacific wheels - although i did have all the fake diamonds removed :wink:

Looks like the staggered set - 8.5" up front and 9.5" on the rear - interested in what tyres you have on the back there :slight_smile: 265/30/19 ?



Welcome to GTOUK, I thought nice wheels as well, have fun.

Hey, The rear tires are 275/35/19, the front are 235/35/19. I was pretty happy when i saw them. they are 19 inch and look massive compared to the yaris next to it :smiley:

@spiros @paullloyd Thanks, ill definitely give them a visit as soon as the lockdown ends and i finish my practice. Without cat attached, the car sounds like it came from the muscle car drag strip, shaking all the windows. All neighbours came out asking if it’s a 3000gt… im sure they weren’t very pleased by the straight through v6


Hi welcome, I’m in bury st Edmund’s, not massively far away, when this is all over, hopefully rob (evilempire) will have a cambelt kit back in, and mine should be back on the road I will pop up and say hi

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:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: Welcome along mate, as everyone said above, do the important bits first for safety of your sanity, then start tweaking to your liking.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Hi, nice looking motor, congratulations on the purchase and welcome to the club.

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Welcome to the site

You have a Twin Turbo Mongoose on your car and without the Turbos to deaden the sound a NON turbo is very loud and if its a Auto Car it will drone like a bastuard at motor way cruise speeds

Westfields are probaly the premier garage to take these cars to and as paul said i am only down the road for bits.

We also have a monthly GTO and 3000GT meet that will start again when the Lock Down is lifted at the Haywain off the A13 by Basildon Hospital

Look forward to catching up with you soon hopefully

Regards Rob


Hi. I’m in the same boat as you; just bought one needing a lot of work; having the very noisy turbo (on a non-turbo) exhaust which droned like hell on the motorway unless I used the overdrive. Mine’s a '91 so I don’t think it needs a cat to pass MOT emissions, but not sure if it still has one.

Yours in a lot better condition than mine, especially cosmetically. I expect the steering knocking could be down to worn track rod ends and front suspension bushes. You normally notice whining and fluctuations in the revs if it’s the powered rack, but if you’re having someone knowledgeable about GTOs anyway, you may as well just get everything needed in one go.

I’ve ordered myself a carjack and wd40 :smiley: going to try to loosen the clamp and put the muffler back in and see whether it’s going to make it any quieter… As for the engine, am i right to assume it’s “turbo ready” on z16a models? if that’s the case I’ll potentially look into adding one down the line.

but the priority is definitely get the steering wheel knocking sorted, fix the transmission play (im hoping it’s not too serious and just needs oil replacement but it does play around a bit an difficult to go into gears). and if there are any issues with suspension get them done too.
I have no idea what the situation is with the clutch as I haven’t personally driven it yet because I’m kind of scared of it, in a good way :grimacing:.

I still have time before the driving lessons resume to get the car fixed up, but it gives me time to learn as much as i can about it before i start driving it on the open road.

I’m definitely going to be paying you multiple visits :smiley:

Is yours a domestic car? Mine was imported and registered in 2003, so I think it falls under the 2001+ emission thresholds which is unfortunate, but it does have an MOT. I haven’t driven mine yet so it may have some more unpleasant surprises hiding.
But in the end putting time and money into something makes you more emotionally attached to it and you can truly call it yours :slight_smile:

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@mcnaggur your 94 import and @ricky 91 ( all pre 95 imports ) should be tested as a non cat therefore a cat doesn’t need to be there.


Nice, I like the mk2 shape in silver.

The front tyres should really be 40 profile not 35, over 4% different between rolling diameters front to rear is not good for the transfer box.

The twin turbo engines have a lower compression ratio to allow them to handle the boost without preignition. There is a fair bit of work involved in fitting everything needed for the turbo setup.